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Theater “Atelier 313”

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Established in 1989 by actor Rashko Mladenov, Theater “Atelier 313” emerged as a dynamic artistic experiment, fusing musical and performing arts. Initially conceived as a studio formation, it aimed to explore the interplay of dance, musical theater, pantomime, and opera. In 1992, under the directorship of puppet director Petar Pashov, the theater underwent a transformative phase, attracting renowned figures in contemporary puppetry to its ensemble.

Renowned luminaries including director Slavcho Malenov, stage designers Silva Bachvarova and Vasil Rokomanov, composer Petar Tsankov, and actors Zheni Pashova, Georgi Spasov, Simona Nanova, Iroslav Petkov, Rumen Gavanozov, and Olga Churcich joined the troupe. The theater’s productions, featuring this talented ensemble, have earned acclaim at prestigious international forums across Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Japan, South Korea, India, Tunisia, and beyond.

“Atelier 313” serves as a nurturing ground for emerging talents, often providing a stage for graduates of the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFIZ) “Krastyu Sarafov.” Notably, the theater has showcased five directing debuts, six scenographic premieres, and more than twenty acting debuts, fostering the growth of emerging artists.

Actively engaged in the global cultural landscape, “Atelier 313” co-organizes numerous national and international events. It collaborates with prestigious platforms such as the International Festival “Piero” in Stara Zagora, the International Festival “Two is Few, Three is Many” in Plovdiv, the Balkan Seminar for Directors, and the International Studio for Marionettes in Dordrecht, Netherlands. The theater also conducts creative workshops in Gyor and Pecs, Hungary, fostering artistic exchange and collaboration.

Furthermore, “Atelier 313” actively develops joint programs for the promotion and realization of its performances in partnership with Theater 199, Youth Theater “Nikolay Binev,” Capital Puppet Theater, and State Puppet Theater Stara Zagora. Through these collaborations, the theater seeks to expand its artistic reach while contributing to the rich tapestry of Bulgaria’s theatrical landscape.


Sofia, quarter “Krasna Polyana” 2, V. D. Stoyanov St., next to bl. 7

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