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Educational drama theater NATFIZ

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The educational drama theater resides within the central building of NATFIZ at 108 A G.S. Rakovski Street, marking its inaugural premiere in 1957. This theater complex comprises multiple stages, notably featuring two main stages: the Big Stage, accommodating 423 seats, and Stage 47, offering seating for 60 individuals. Additionally, the theater encompasses smaller stages, referred to as small stages, serving as platforms to instruct various theater forms and genres.

Functioning as a repertory theater, the educational drama theater showcases the culmination of the classes’ coursework from majors such as “Acting for Drama Theater,” “Movement Theater – Pantomime and Dance Theater,” “Directing for Drama Theatre,” “Acting Mastery for Theater and Cinema,” and “Directing in the Performing Arts.” It serves as a dynamic hub where students demonstrate their talents and skills through graduation performances across these specialized majors, fostering a rich learning environment within the realm of dramatic arts.


Sofia, 108 A “GS Rakovski” St

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