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Open Art Scene of Shipka

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The Open Art Scene of Shipka stands as one of Sofia’s most recent cultural hubs, established by Pavel Zhuravlev, Director of RKIC, and Milena Chervenkova, Artistic Director of ART Theater. Situated at 34 Shipka Street, adjacent to the Russian Cultural Center and opposite the “O Shipka” restaurant, this vibrant space officially debuted on September 26, 2017, with the premiere of “Sir, Señor, Don Juan!”—a production helmed by the esteemed Russian director Prof. Alexander Velikovsky in collaboration with the ART Theater troupe.

The ART Theater, a theatrical institution boasting an impressive 26-year history, finds its home in this venue. Renowned Art Consultant Prof. Alexander Velikovsky from Moscow and Honorary Patron Prof. Nadezhda Seikova are integral figures in the theater’s operations. Milena Chervenkova, an actress and the theater’s director, spearheads its artistic direction. The theater’s founding members include artist Georgi Zlatarev, composer Nivelin Mirkov, and playwright Sergey Litvinenko, whose legacy lives on despite his passing two years ago.

Milena Chervenkova, serving as the stage manager, curates a selection of performances, films, book presentations, exhibitions, and festivals. The amphitheater-style venue boasts 260 seats and underwent significant renovation in the summer of 2017, elevating it to one of Sofia’s most esteemed art spaces. Notably, the rental rates at this venue are incredibly competitive, negotiated by Manager Milena Chervenkova based on various factors, ensuring accessibility for artists and performers.

Sofia, 34 Shipka St

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