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Gallery Europe presents a groundbreaking collection, showcasing an exclusive array of over 800 artworks crafted by esteemed masters of contemporary Bulgarian art. This unique assemblage is complemented by a treasury of authentic, antique French furniture, each piece holding certificates affirming its heritage. The gallery proudly displays the works of more than 150 prominent Bulgarian artists specializing in painting, graphics, sculpture, wood carving, textiles, and art jewelry.

Notably, the roster includes recipients of esteemed accolades from international platforms such as the International Biennale of Graphics in Ourense, Spain, the Biennale EMMA in Austria, the Academic Palm from the International Academy of Contemporary Art in Belgium, and several other prestigious honors. Many of these artists are esteemed members of esteemed institutions like Maison des artes, International Art Fund Moscow, International Academy “Grezzi Marino” in Italy, and AIMC (an international organization of modern mosaicists) in Ravenna, Italy.

The gallery finds its abode within a splendid, century-old two-story building, recognized as a cultural monument, nestled in the heart of Sofia. This prime location situates it mere meters away from the Sofia City Art Gallery, the National Art Gallery, and the central theaters of the city. The gallery’s halls artfully blend modern Bulgarian fine and applied art with intimate corners adorned with antique French furniture. Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in the richness and diversity of the collection, merging their gallery experience with the pleasure of exploring this extensive artistic treasure trove.

The space hosts a permanent exhibition featuring boutique jewelry of remarkable artistic value, crafted by renowned jewelers, designers, and select luxury models from globally recognized brands.

Apart from the exhibited antique furniture, the gallery offers custom-made complete or partial furniture, showcasing unique, authentic finds with certificates of authenticity, meticulously sought after and restored in France. Each piece embodies the charm of yesteryears and the craftsmanship of bygone eras, boasting not only aesthetic beauty but also possessing high collectible value, serving as an invitation for art enthusiasts and collectors to relish the splendor of these historic masterpieces.

Work time:
Monday-Saturday: 11:00-19:00


Sofia, “Lege” street #3

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