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The origins of the Sofia City Art Gallery (SGHHG) trace back to 1928, when a museum, library, and archive were established by order of Metropolitan Mayor Gen. Vladimir Vazov. Over time, its evolution led to the division of its assets, with part of the gallery fund transitioning to the newly formed National Art Gallery in 1948. Subsequently, in 1952, SGHHG emerged as an autonomous institution.

A significant milestone occurred in 1973 when the gallery obtained the former city casino building located at 1 Gurko Street. This acquisition became the pivotal setting for the SGHHG’s official exposition unveiling in 1977. This gallery holds a treasure trove of Bulgarian art, boasting an extensive collection that includes 3,500 paintings, 800 sculptures, and 2,800 graphics and drawings.

In 2004, the establishment of the “Contemporary Art and Photography” fund further expanded the gallery’s scope, diversifying its offerings. Spanning a generous 1,100 square meters, the gallery’s exhibition space is partitioned into four distinct areas, each curated to showcase art in its myriad forms and periods.

Beyond its artistic significance, the building housing the SGHHG is itself recognized as an architectural cultural monument, a status it gained back in 1978. This acknowledgment solidifies its dual role as both a repository of Bulgaria’s artistic heritage and a revered architectural gem within Sofia’s cultural landscape.


Work time:
Monday-Saturday: 10:00-19:00.
Sunday: 11:00-18:00.

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