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Icarus Gallery

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Gallery “Ikar,” established in 1999 within Sofia, has stood as a prominent platform hosting a spectrum of esteemed contemporary artists. Notable talents like Tsanko Panov, Georgi Bozhilov (Slona), Svilen Blazhev, Ivan Tsanev, Svetlin Rusev, Milko Bozhkov, Mikhail Kamberov, and numerous others have showcased their works in this artistic space. The gallery has proudly hosted over 300 solo exhibitions, predominantly featuring contemporary Bulgarian art, resonating with both local enthusiasts and international art connoisseurs.

The exhibitions held within the gallery space have not only garnered acclaim but also led to the acquisition of artworks by both Bulgarian patrons and an array of foreign admirers captivated by the distinctiveness of the paintings and artistic traditions. The selection of artists featured in the gallery remains exclusively curated by its owner, ensuring a distinct artistic vision and quality of representation.

Maintaining a vibrant spirit of collaboration, Gallery “Ikar” actively engages in successful partnerships with galleries across various continents. Collaborations extend to esteemed partners like the “NICHE” gallery from Japan, exhibitions with artists from Serbia, Montenegro, Italy, and South Korea (including a joint exhibit organized in collaboration with the Korean Embassy). The gallery transforms exhibitions into captivating events, including unique showcases like the joint exhibition “A behind the Windows and Doors” by His Excellency Stefano Benazzo (former Ambassador of Italy to Bulgaria) and hud. Armando Arpaia. This exhibit artfully combined tradition and modernity, offering a glimpse into the perspectives of a talented photographer and artist.

Moreover, Gallery “Ikar” plays an instrumental role in nurturing emerging talents, providing a platform for young artists who are at the onset of their creative journeys. Notably, one such talent, Stephan Prokopiev, was showcased at ART Exhibitions 2018-2019 in London, reflecting the gallery’s commitment to fostering and promoting budding artistic performances.

Work time:
Tuesday – Friday: 10.30 a.m. – 7.00 p.m
Saturday: 10.30 a.m. – 2.30 p.m
Sunday and Monday – days off


Sofia, “Platinum” Business Center, 26-30 Bacho Kiro St

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