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Gallery “Contrast”

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“Contrast” Gallery emerged with a distinct mission: to champion contemporary Bulgarian art. It aims to reshape the evaluation system by intertwining artistic and market values while nurturing artists, educating art enthusiasts, and encouraging investment in art through a groundbreaking online platform, poised to become Bulgaria’s largest art presentation space.

The gallery prioritizes the development and promotion of emerging artists who have yet to establish themselves in the art market. Embracing various styles and concepts, it strives to create a space that resonates with multiple generations of artists from across the nation. What sets this project apart is its dynamic nature—eschewing a fixed physical space. It refuses to confine art; instead, it believes that art molds spaces, infuses them with significance, and imparts value.

“Contrast” Gallery isn’t merely a contradiction to the status quo; it represents the essence of diversity, renewal, and modernization. Its purpose extends beyond standing out; it’s about amplifying art itself—shaping and educating the youth, fostering an environment for expression, and offering opportunities for artistic growth. The gallery’s publicity hinges on artistic merit, emphasizing the enduring value that its offerings provide—an investment in both art and time.

Work time:
11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.


Sofia, 49 “Tsar Samuil” St

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