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Regional Center for Contemporary Arts “Toplocentrala”

Art & Culture

The RKI “RCSI Toplocentrala” serves as an interdisciplinary hub for dialogue and creativity, fostering a dynamic space for the development and presentation of performing arts, visual arts, and music. This center operates as a laboratory, actively generating innovative artistic works.

One of its primary aims is to establish a platform for interaction and collaboration between local artists and the global artistic community. It achieves this through a range of initiatives including workshops, residencies, and collaborative productions. By facilitating these activities, the center encourages a vibrant exchange of ideas, techniques, and cultural influences.

The RKI “RCSI Toplocentrala” thrives as a space where artists from various disciplines converge to experiment, create, and present their works. Through its multifaceted programs, it plays a pivotal role in supporting and promoting artistic endeavors within the local context while simultaneously engaging with the broader international art scene.

Sofia, South Park – II, UPI IX

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