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Gallery “+359”

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Gallery + 359, established in 2017, is a beacon of contemporary art situated within the preserved water tower nestled in Sofia’s Lozenets district. This tower, an architectural marvel crafted by German engineer Franz Salbach in 1903 and completed in 1929, stands tall as a testament to both history and ingenuity. Initially designed based on a French system integrating reinforced concrete and brickwork, the tower comprises four floors and a ground floor. The towering tank, now repurposed for special projects, spans 27 meters and holds a volume of 100 cubic meters. Beyond its intended hydro functionality, the tower was envisioned as an observation point, a role it embodied in its heyday.

Today, this historic landmark has been ingeniously transformed into a hub for contemporary art, hosting eight annual exhibitions in its main space. Gallery + 359’s ambitious exhibition lineup revolves around six distinct programs, each underpinned by a curatorial ethos fostering collaborations with art professionals, both local and international. The gallery’s team actively curates talks, lectures, and special events centered on contemporary art and culture. Furthermore, they contribute to the dissemination of knowledge through publications, including books and catalogs, firmly believing that a commercial gallery should play a pivotal role in educating and cultivating the public’s appreciation for art.

Embracing a proactive approach, Gallery + 359 collaborates with partner organizations on various contemporary art initiatives. Notably, the gallery spearheads projects like the Telelink Contemporary Art Awards, marking its inception in 2019. These endeavors underscore the gallery’s commitment to not only showcasing contemporary art but also fostering an environment conducive to learning, dialogue, and artistic exploration within the broader cultural landscape.


Work time:
Thursday – Saturday:
14:00 – 19:00



Sofia, Galichitsa St. 13-A

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