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KO-OP Gallery

Art & Culture

CO-OP embodies a multifaceted creative hub—a fusion of an art space, bookstore, and a rhizoprinting studio—dedicated to fostering innovative creative ecosystems. It prioritizes diverse practices within contemporary art, aiming to provide a platform that unites artists from various backgrounds. Here, creatives converge to share their artistic visions, delve into unexplored concepts, and draw inspiration from the diverse array of works showcased.

This space is not only an artistic haven but also a marketplace where visitors can immerse themselves in original artworks and limited editions available for viewing and purchase on-site or through their dedicated website. It serves as a dynamic nexus where art enthusiasts can engage with and acquire unique pieces while contributing to the support and promotion of emerging and established artists alike.


Sofia, 17 Yanko Sakazov Blvd

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