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Cinema KULTURA emerges as an intriguing addition to Sofia’s cultural landscape, carving a unique niche among the city’s spaces. Uniquely inspired by the world of cinema, it’s a haven primarily dedicated to artistic expression. The design itself seems to mirror a captivating cinematic set, nestled amidst three primary screens. Each corner, every element within, echoes a reverence for the art form, encapsulating the very essence of cinema – a devotion that resonates deeply within its name.

Once a renowned establishment situated between Solunska Street and Graf Ignatiev Street, Cinema KULTURA was a hub boasting two auditoriums showcasing a diverse global film repertoire. It held an iconic status among Sofia’s cinemas, leaving a lasting imprint on the city’s cultural memory.

In honoring the legacy of the bygone cinema, today’s Cinema KULTURA aspires to be more than just a venue. It seeks to evolve into a welcoming, intimate space in the heart of the city. Its adaptable layout accommodates a variety of cinematic, theatrical, and musical events, serving as a canvas for diverse artistic expressions. Beyond that, it’s a space that fosters connection – a place where art thrives, where laughter fills the air, and where friendships are forged.

Sofia, 22 “San Stefano” St

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