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Oborishte 5 Gallery and Hall

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The recent unveiling of the renovated ballroom within the former music high school on Oborishte Street is a sight to behold. This meticulously restored space gracefully marries the opulence of its origins with contemporary functionality, ushering the timeless grandeur of its era into the modern age. Embracing classic aesthetics while embracing modern practicality, this resplendent hall now stands as one of Sofia’s premier event venues, catering to a myriad of functions including concerts, exhibitions, and various events.

The exquisite restoration work has breathed new life into the ballroom, seamlessly blending its historical charm with the demands of today’s world. Its elegance speaks volumes, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in an ambiance steeped in cultural richness and sophistication. This harmonious convergence of past and present not only preserves the legacy of the hall but elevates it to serve as a vibrant hub for cultural gatherings and artistic showcases.

The space, now reborn, promises to be a coveted destination, inviting guests to witness a fusion of classical allure and contemporary adaptability. It’s a testament to the enduring allure of heritage spaces, where history intertwines with modernity to create a captivating venue fit for an array of enriching experiences.

Sofia, 5 “Oborishte” St

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