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Cultural and Educational Center “Palace of Happy People”

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The “Palace of Happy People,” a comprehensive cultural and educational center, spans 1750 square meters in the Mladost 1 district of the capital. Since its inauguration on June 12, 2015, it has established itself as a beacon of innovation in arts, science, education, and philanthropy, fostering the growth of talented and ambitious individuals. This center not only acts as a hub for cultural and spiritual exchange but also champions the noble cause of nurturing virtues and encouraging proactive engagement with the surrounding world, enabling each person to contribute uniquely with their talents and vocations.

The center offers an expansive range of programs tailored for both children and adults, covering various arts, educational pursuits, and sports activities. Among its features are:

  • Happy children programs including a nursery, Children’s art garden, and study room.
  • An art school catering to both children and adults.
  • A safe and inviting park environment.
  • Venues for seminars, official gatherings, and celebrations.
  • Large dance halls for various styles and classes.
  • A 200-seat concert hall equipped with an organ, a grand piano, and a harp for musical performances.
  • A party center designed for social events and celebrations.
  • A cultural poster highlighting events featuring distinguished Bulgarian creators and artists.
  • A cafe-patisserie and a restaurant offering hot meals.
  • A sports center complete with a swimming pool for fitness and recreational activities.

The “Palace of Happy People” is a vibrant community space where individuals of all ages can explore and develop their interests in a supportive and enriching environment.

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