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Balkanton Hall

Art & Culture

BALKANTON Hall stands as a versatile venue capable of hosting a wide range of events including concerts, parties, corporate gatherings, and the filming of TV and cinema productions. Its spacious dimensions are comprised of a length of 30 meters, a width of 12 meters, and a height of 9 meters, providing ample space for various setups.

The hall is equipped with modular stage podiums that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each event. The sound system is top-notch, featuring both small and large power capabilities, complete with all essential sound mixing consoles, processors, both wireless and wired microphones, lapel mics, headset mics, conference mics, and microphone stands.

Lighting at BALKANTON Hall is catered for by an array of modern, professional lighting fixtures that include stage, effect, and TV lighting, all controlled via high-quality consoles. The multimedia setup enriches the venue further, boasting a 16 sq.m. LED screen and various-sized projector screens.

For added ambiance, the hall comes with a selection of special effects equipment including light and heavy smoke machines, snow machines, balloons, lasers, as well as glowing cones, balloons, and stars to create a memorable event atmosphere.

Additionally, the hall is supported by three fully equipped dressing rooms for performers and has seating for up to 150 attendees, making it an ideal choice for intimate to mid-sized events where professionalism and versatility are key.

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