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“Triangle-Nadezhda”, nestled in the northwestern expanse of Sofia and belonging to the “Nadezhda” district, carries a historical legacy embedded in its name. Originally referred to as “The Triangle,” the neighborhood earned this moniker due to its distinctive triangular shape during the First World War.

Situated to the south of “Nadezhda-1” and “Lev Tolstoy” neighborhoods, north of the residential area known as “Fund housing,” and east of the residential complex “Sugar Factory,” “Triangle-Nadezhda” finds itself strategically positioned within the city’s layout. The neighborhood is further defined by its proximity to key thoroughfares such as “Lomsko shose” Boulevard and “Rozhen” Boulevard, facilitating easy access to various parts of Sofia.

The historical origins of the name “The Triangle” harken back to a bygone era, reflecting the neighborhood’s unique shape during a pivotal period in the early 20th century. As Sofia’s urban landscape continues to evolve, “Triangle-Nadezhda” stands as a testament to the city’s rich history and the interplay between its past and present.

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