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“Vrabnitsa-1,” also recognized as “Nadezhda-5,” stands as a residential enclave within Sofia, nestled in the district of Vrabnitsa. This neighborhood is strategically positioned, located to the north of Nadezhda-3 housing complex, east of the Copper Factory Cemetery Park, and south of Vrabnitsa-2 housing complex and Lomsko Shosse Blvd.

As of October 23, 2003, the population of “Vrabnitsa-1” was estimated to be around 8,600. The architectural landscape of the area is characterized by panel buildings, predominantly of the Bs-69-Sf and Bs-2-69 series, along with high-rise residential structures of the EPK type. This diverse housing infrastructure contributes to the neighborhood’s dynamic character.

Education is a key aspect of community life in “Vrabnitsa-1,” boasting the presence of two schools – the 74th secondary school and a secondary school catering to visually impaired children. These educational institutions play a vital role in shaping the intellectual landscape of the neighborhood.

Transportation facilities are well-integrated, with “Vrabnitsa-1” being served by route line 12, bus lines numbered 26 and 108, and tram line 6. These convenient transport links enhance connectivity for residents, facilitating easy movement within the neighborhood and connecting it to broader parts of Sofia.

Adding to the convenience of daily life, a Billa hypermarket is situated within the territory of “Vrabnitsa-1,” positioned near the intersection of “Lomsko Shosse” Blvd. and “Beli Dunav” St. This commercial presence contributes to the accessibility of essential amenities for the residents of the neighborhood.

With its blend of residential comfort, educational facilities, and accessible amenities, “Vrabnitsa-1” stands as a vibrant community within the diverse tapestry of Sofia’s neighborhoods.

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