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Vitosha (quarter)


Nestled between the “Yuzinata” area near the Ring Road and the southern foothills of Vitosha Mountain, the Vitosha neighborhood, now part of the “Lozenets” district, offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and modern residential living.

Its borders extend from the Metropolitan Zoo, the Hunting Park, and the “Dianabad” district to the north, “Nikola Gabrovski” Blvd. to the east, and the “Krastova Vada” district to the west. Residences of the Diplomatic Corps are strategically situated between Vitosha and the Student City, adding to the neighborhood’s diverse character. As the capital expands, the boundaries of the “Vitosha” district have evolved, currently encompassing the area between “G. M. Dimitrov” Blvd. and Students’ Town.

The neighborhood’s origins trace back to the 1960s when it was initially developed with villas. Over the decades, especially in the 80s and 90s, Vitosha’s appeal surged, parallel to the growth of Simeonovo and an influx of students attracted by affordable rents.

In 1996-1997, a surge in demand prompted the construction of the first high-rise condominiums and apartment blocks in 1998-1999. The early 21st century witnessed intensive construction, characterized by 4-5-6 storey buildings, single-family houses, and gated complexes, predominantly featuring spacious apartments.

Vitosha’s infrastructure, influenced by its history as a cottage area, revolves around “Simeonovsko Shosse” Blvd. as the main transport artery. Public transport, represented by bus 102 running at 10-minute intervals, serves the two major segments of Vitosha quarter, alongside “Malinova Dolina,” the lower part of Studentski Grad, and part of “Dianabad.” Additionally, intercity bus 67 operates at 30-minute intervals. A range of public transport lines converge at the back entrance of the Zoo, offering convenient access within approximately 40 minutes.

The industrial mini-zone on “Filip Kutev” and “Srebarna” streets extends into “Mogilata.” Gasification efforts commenced successfully in 2005, enhancing the neighborhood’s amenities.

A notable addition to Vitosha’s landscape is the “Site Jarden” complex, located in the “Vitosha VEC Simeonovo” area. Comprising 10 separate buildings with underground garages, shops, sports facilities, entertainment options, a kindergarten, and a bank office, the complex contributes to the vibrant atmosphere of the “Vitosha” district. Its construction emphasized internal infrastructure enhancements and the implementation of a comprehensive security system, ensuring the well-being of residents and further elevating the quality of life in this dynamic neighborhood.

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