Dianabad, with its origin from the German term “Diana Bad” meaning Diana Pool, stands out as a distinctive neighborhood in Sofia, nestled within the Izgrev region. Situated southeast of the city center, this district is characterized by its strategic location and rich history.

To the north of Dianabad lies the “Izgrev” quarter, while the “Dragan Tsankov” boulevard serves as the eastern boundary, separating it from the “Iztok” residential area and “Musagenitsa.” On the southern side, the Dianabad housing complex is adjacent to the vibrant “Student City,” while the western border is marked by the lush Hunting Park. The district boasts abundant greenery, a testament to its development over 30 years ago.

Formerly known as “Red Star,” Dianabad is home to educational institutions such as the 11th “St. Pimen Zografski” elementary school, the private “St. Kliment Ohridski” school, and two high schools – the 105th “Atanas Dalchev” secondary school and the private profiled high school “Alexander Duma.” Additionally, the neighborhood features a community center and three kindergartens, contributing to its role as a well-rounded residential area.

During the summer months, the outdoor pool “Diana” takes center stage as a popular cooling spot. Adjacent to the pool is a complex bearing the same name, comprising three hotels and tennis courts. The nearby Hunting Park adds to the recreational amenities available to residents.

Dianabad exhibits a diverse architectural landscape. In the southern part of the complex, large-panel residential buildings of the Bs-2-64, Bs-VIII-Sf, and Bs-69-Sf series are predominant. The district also hosts several high-rise EPK buildings and small 5-story brick blocks with single entrances. In recent years, numerous new brick cooperatives have been added to the architectural tapestry of Dianabad, reflecting its evolving urban character.

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