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Dimitar Milenkov (quarter)


“Dimitar Milenkov” emerges as a distinctive neighborhood in the eastern part of Sofia, situated within the “Iskar” district of the Capital Municipality. With a history spanning over 55 years, this residential quarter carries a unique narrative shaped by the amalgamation of communities displaced due to the filling of the Iskar dam in the 1950s.

Established on the grounds of the former villages of Kalkovo, Shishmanovo, and Gorni Pasarel, “Dimitar Milenkov” stands as a testament to the resilience of its inhabitants, mainly comprising Bulgarians and a small Roma community. The neighborhood’s town planning plan, officially published in the “State Gazette” and enacted by the end of 2015, provides a framework for its development.

The geographical borders of “Dimitar Milenkov” are defined by its strategic positioning. To the west lies the last stretch of “Tsarigradsko shose” boulevard, while the Iskar River forms its western boundary, separating it from the Iskar Industrial Zone around the Iskar railway station. To the north, the neighborhood is delineated by the railway line to Plovdiv, extending further to the Abdovitsa district. In the south and southeast, the landscape is adorned by Lake Milenkovo, followed by the expansive Palace Park “Vrana.” To the east, the neighborhood is framed by Lake Kazichene and Dam Kazichene, leading to the village of Kazichene and the eastern section of the Ring Road.

With over 360 single-family houses, a sizable stadium, and a warehouse, “Dimitar Milenkov” offers a blend of residential and recreational amenities. The construction of a new logistics base adds to its appeal, leveraging its proximity to Sofia Airport and the Iskar Industrial Zone.

In terms of infrastructure, the neighborhood enjoys connectivity with other parts of the city through bus line 10. The Iskarsko shose metro station, opened on April 2, 2015, serves as a vital link, accessible via the same bus line. Additionally, the neighborhood is well-connected to the railway network through Iskar station and Druzhba railway station, located adjacent to the metro station.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of residents, “Dimitar Milenkov” has implemented security measures, including video surveillance and the establishment of a police post at the neighborhood’s entrance in late 2016. This comprehensive approach enhances the quality of life and reinforces the neighborhood’s appeal as a thriving residential enclave within the bustling city of Sofia.

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