Benkovski is a district located on the northern outskirts of the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. It was formed in 1954 by the amalgamation of the villages of Birimirtsi and Obradovtsi.

– Location and Size: Benkovski is situated in the “Serdika” area of the Metropolitan Municipality, approximately 5 km north of the city center.
– Borders: The district shares its borders with the villages of Chepintsi and Negovan to the east, the “Iliyantsi” quarter and the residential area “Nadezhda” to the west, the village of Kubratovo to the north, and the “Orlandovtsi” and “Malashevtsi” quarters to the south.
– Geographical Coordinates: The geographical coordinates of the “Benkovski” quarter are approximately 42°44′17″ N latitude and 23°20′36″ E longitude.

– Topography: Benkovski occupies the southeast part of the Sofia field, a vast valley with a length of 75 km and an average width of 16 km. The average altitude ranges from 545 m at “National Assembly” square to 650 m at “Knyazhevo” and z.k. “Mladost 4,” reaching 550 m in the Benkovski quarter.
– Rivers: Four rivers pass through the territory, three of which are tributaries of the Iskar river. The Suhodol River flows east of the neighborhood, joining the Vladai River and eventually reaching the Perlov River.
– Groundwater: The area has significant groundwater, leading to the presence of many wells. A mineral spring called Birimiris was discovered in 1950, but its healing properties are no longer widely known.

– Population: The population is approximately 4,500 people, with a negative natural increase observed in recent years. The age structure is dominated by adults, and there is a higher number of women than men.
– Life Expectancy: The average life expectancy is around 60 years.
– Marriages and Divorces: The number of marriages has increased in the last three years, while divorces remain significantly low.
– Ethnic Structure: The ethnic structure is diverse, with Bulgarians comprising 85%, followed by Gypsies (10%), Turks (3%), Armenians, and others (2%).

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