Ilyantsi, located in the Nadezhda administrative district of Sofia, is a northern district primarily characterized by low-rise single-family and multi-family brick buildings. Major road arteries such as “Rozhen” Boulevard and the Northern Express Tangent connect the neighborhood. Essential facilities in the area include a Bulgarian post office branch, a polyclinic, a community center, the 98th elementary school “St. St. Cyril and Methodius,” kindergarten No. 83 “Nightingale,” police inspector, TOTO point, Izipei, grocery stores (including the CBA store), a veterinary office, and various other commercial establishments.

The industrial zone, situated outside the residential part of Iliantsi, houses businesses like “Astera,” “Sopharma,” “Aroma,” “Elprom,” “Hyundai,” and others. A significant shopping center, the Stock Bazaar “Iliyantsi,” is located 1.4 km south of the neighborhood on “Rozhen” Blvd.

Geographically, the central part of Iliantsi is situated on a large hill, bordered by the Kakach River to the east and north. The neighboring quarters are Trebich to the north, Benkovski to the east, and Svoboda to the south. The village of Iliyantsi dates back to 1578 and was annexed to Sofia as a district in 1961.

Landmarks in Iliantsi include:

1. Monastery “St. Elijah”: Known for its wall paintings, ancient altar, and historical significance. The monastery was likely a fortress guarding the approaches to Sofia and possibly predates 1396.

2. Lokomotiv Stadium
3. North Park
4. Military Division “Iliantsi”: A NATO site not open to visitors but visible from the outside.
5. Large nursery: Divided into sections growing various types of trees, including oak, fir, pine, walnut, and sycamore.

Economically, Iliantsi is home to the Iliantsi Stock Market, one of Bulgaria’s largest shopping centers. The neighborhood also hosts numerous industrial sites, a candle foundry (Church factory), animal husbandry, and agriculture activities. The military training ground and the Sofia oil terminal are noteworthy as well.

Transportation options in Iliantsi include a railway station, a bus station serving northern suburban lines, and several bus and tram lines, such as 26, 27, 29, 11, and 12.

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