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Fondovi Zhilishta


Fondovi Zhilishta is a relatively small residential complex in the city of Sofia, Serdika district. It is located in the western part of the capital in close proximity to the central part of the city. An advantage of the neighborhood is the abundance of greenery, left over from the time when there were small multi-family houses with yards here. The complex is one of the quietest and most peaceful in Sofia and perhaps the only one where there is no heavy traffic and at the same time it is located close enough to the city center so that it can be reached on foot. In the outer part of the neighborhood, at the corner of Strosmeyer St. and Gabrovo Blvd., there is the largest store in Bulgaria from the “Kaufland” chain. Mall of Sofia, Arena-Zapad, Business Center Globus, as well as shops from the “Billa”, “Carpet MAX”, “Mömax” chains and others are also nearby.

To the southwest of the district “Fund houses” is the housing complex “Sveta Troitsa”, to the west is the railway line to Kulata and Thessaloniki; to the northeast is the Banishora tram depot, and to the southeast stretches the area of the Central Sofia Prison.

Already in the 1930s and 1940s, small brick blocks of 2 and 3 floors were built. At the beginning of the 1960s, brick blocks of 3 floors were built on the sites of the small houses in the “Fund Doves” quarter. In the neighborhood there are also panel blocks of the Bs-2-69 and Bs-69-Sf series, built in the 1970s and 1980s.

There are 2 EPK type blocks near the railway line. In some parts of the neighborhood there are also newer panel buildings from the latest modifications of Bs-69-Sf. The first of them were built in the early 1980s. Older houses with courtyards can also be seen in the neighborhood.

Public institutions
On the territory of “Fondovi Zhilishta” there are 100 elementary school “Nayden Gerov”, private German high school “Veda” and 48 ODZ.

For travel from and to the “Fondovi Zhilishta” district, the following can be used:

tram No. 11 – stops Nadlez Nadezhda, St. Joseph Strossmeier”
buses No. 77 and 82 – stops “Nadlez Nadezhda”, “Ul. Ivan Yosifov”, “Str. Joseph Strossmeyer”, “Str. Krum Hr. Stoyanov”.
trolley No. 5 – Nadlez Nadezhda stop.
bus No. 53 – stop “Ul. Joseph Strossmeier”.
A 10-minute walk from the residential complex is the “Princess Maria Luisa” metro station, and the neighborhoods around the first and second metro diameter can be reached very quickly via the metro.

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