Borovo, situated in the southwestern part of Sofia, unfolds its charm at the foothills of Vitosha and adjacent to the Boyana district. The district is neatly enclosed by significant thoroughfares such as Bulgaria Blvd., Todor Kableshkov St., Gen. St. Stefan Toshev St., Doiran St., and Gotse Delchev Blvd. Its boundaries seamlessly connect with the neighborhoods of Beli Brezi, Krasno Selo, Gotse Delchev, Motopista, and Manastirski Livadi.

The district’s history traces back to the early 1960s when the landscape witnessed the inception of construction projects featuring the first brick and panel blocks. Prior to this transformation, Borovo was adorned with single-family houses and spacious yards between 1930 and 1947. During this period, it was an integral part of the Krasno Selo district, extending all the way to South Park and standing out as the capital’s largest villa area.

Borovo underwent significant urban planning initiatives during the socialist era. Yards were either nationalized, repurposed, or allocated to housing cooperatives following the demolition of existing houses.

Architecturally, Borovo boasts a diverse landscape featuring brick, panel, and recently constructed residential buildings. The residential blocks established before 1989 showcase a mix of brick, panel, and reinforced concrete constructions, all equipped with heating facilities. The majority of the modern brick cooperatives are equipped with central heating systems.

The district houses essential public institutions and infrastructure facilities, including a kindergarten and notable educational institutions such as the 34th Secondary School “Stoyu Shishkov,” a Profiled High School with a focus on English language studies, Sofia Language High School, and the 36th Secondary School “Maxim Gorky.”

In terms of healthcare, the XX polyclinic serves the community, and the local post office with the code 1680 caters to postal needs. Borovo also boasts a variety of shops and supermarkets, contributing to the convenience of its residents.

The heart of commerce in Borovo is its market, strategically located at the last stop of trolleybus #9. Additionally, the intersection of Bulgaria Blvd. and Todor Kableshkov St. features a Billa store and Bulgaria Mall, further enhancing the neighborhood’s appeal as a dynamic and well-equipped residential enclave in the city of Sofia.

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