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Residencia Boyana


“Residencia Boyana” stands as a distinctive neighborhood within the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, positioned in the “Vitosha” district approximately 6.4 kilometers southwest of the city center.

The neighborhood is framed by key landmarks, with the Ring Road, Alexander Pushkin Boulevard, and Daskal Stoyan Popandreev Street delineating its borders. “Residencia Boyana” encompasses the Boyana government residence, featuring its surrounding park, and is home to the National History Museum, adding cultural significance to the area. Additionally, the base of the Bulgarian Football Union finds its place within the neighborhood.

Surrounded by other districts, “Residencia Boyana” shares boundaries with “Buxton” and “Manastirski livadi” to the north, while “Boyana” lies to the southeast, and “Grdova Glava” to the west. This strategic positioning within the Vitosha district contributes to the neighborhood’s unique character, offering a blend of cultural attractions, government facilities, and sports infrastructure.

As Sofia continues to evolve, “Residencia Boyana” serves as a hub of historical, cultural, and sporting significance within the city’s diverse urban landscape. Its proximity to key landmarks and neighboring districts underscores its integral role in shaping the identity of the broader Vitosha district.

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