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National Cinema Center


Situated 6.9 kilometers south of Sofia’s city center in the Vitosha district, the “National Cinema Center” stands as a distinctive locality with its own unique character and geographical features.

Bounded by Kumata Street to the north and Boyanska Street to the east, this district finds itself nestled between the Boyana and Kinocentera III neighborhoods. To the north, it shares borders with the expansive Botanical Garden Park, providing residents with proximity to green spaces and recreational havens. On the eastern side lies Dragalevtsi, contributing to a varied and interconnected urban landscape.

To the southwest, the National Cinema Center district is surrounded by parts of the Vitosha mountain that, while not officially included in specific districts, add to the area’s charm and natural beauty. This strategic location offers residents the dual advantage of urban conveniences and close proximity to the serene landscapes of Vitosha.

The National Cinema Center district captures the essence of Sofia’s dynamic urban development, blending residential, cultural, and natural elements. The interplay of streets, parks, and mountainous surroundings creates a unique living experience, combining the vibrancy of urban life with the tranquility of nature.

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