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Dragalevtsi, situated at the foothills of Vitosha Mountain, stands as a prominent district in Sofia and falls within the administrative purview of the “Vitosha” district of the Metropolitan Municipality. Renowned for its opulence, Dragalevtsi is regarded as one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Sofia.

The district’s strategic location, just 7 kilometers from the city center and nestled against the backdrop of Vitosha Mountain, contributes to its allure. Its captivating panorama, excellent connectivity, and historical significance make it a highly sought-after residential area, particularly favored by the business elite and individuals of elevated social standing. Evolving over centuries, Dragalevtsi has transformed into an exclusive villa enclave within the capital.

Sq. “Dragalevtsi” finds its place at the mountain’s base, positioned between the “Simeonovo” and “Boyana” quarters, in proximity to the city’s “Ring Road.”

Historically, the neighborhood has archaeological significance, with remnants of a late antique church featuring fragments of relief decoration discovered, although not extensively studied. The etymology of the name Dragalevtsi remains a subject of interest and investigation.

In tribute to their historical legacy, Dragalevtsi residents have commemorated their connection to the Apostle by naming the local school after Vasil Levski. The presence of signs pointing to the route traversed by Levski through Dragalevtsi adds to the neighborhood’s historical charm, attracting students and tourists keen on retracing the steps of the prominent revolutionary.

Until 1961, Dragalevtsi existed as an independent settlement. During the Balkan War in 1912, a resident volunteered in the Macedonian-Odrina militia, reflecting the historical engagement of the community.

Architecturally, Dragalevtsi boasts a landscape dominated by conventional country houses. In the lower part, often referred to as the “Vodoley” district around the “Fantastico” store, opulent villas with expansive yards, single-family houses, and small family hotels characterize the area. Recent construction trends are oriented towards gated housing complexes, with some already completed and others in progress. Despite challenges such as the absence of sewage infrastructure, property prices in Dragalevtsi maintain peak levels, and available land is diminishing due to sustained demand.

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