Simeonovo, situated at the foothills of Vitosha, stands as a distinctive district in Sofia. Predominantly adorned with houses and small hotels, this locale boasts proximity to the Kabinkov Lift “Simeonovo – Aleko,” the Ring Road, and convenient connections to the city center.

Having transitioned from a separate village until its annexation into the city in 1961, Simeonovo’s historical roots delve back centuries. Initially known as Begler Chiflik (“Bey’s Chiflik”) until its renaming in 1895 to honor Tsar Simeon, this district has evolved into an exclusive villa area favored by the business elite and individuals of high social standing.

Square “Simeonovo,” nestled between Dragalevtsi and “Bistritsa,” enjoys an enviable location at the mountain’s base, offering an excellent panorama and communication links. The villa areas of “Malinova Dolina” I and II, along with a portion of v.z. “The Bunker,” complement the overall charm of the neighborhood.

Architecturally, Simeonovo predominantly features opulent single-family houses and villas with spacious yards. Noteworthy is a local landmark – a creatively designed house resembling a colossal snail, capturing the fascination of visitors. Contemporary construction trends in the Simeonovo quarter focus on gated housing complexes. Despite maintaining some of the highest property prices in Sofia, certain sections of the district rely on septic tanks due to the absence of a sewage system.

The district’s public services include a health facility located at 10 “Krayrechna” street, a town hall, a post office, and educational institutions such as the public school – 64 “Tsar Simeon the Great” elementary school at 1 “Simeonovska” street. Private educational options include the “Rörich” school at “Krayrechna” 9 and the Secondary general education school with early foreign language training “Espa” at 3 “Kamenitsa” Str. Additionally, the Winnie the Pooh private kindergarten at 20 “Shumako” Str. contributes to the neighborhood’s educational landscape.

Simeonovo’s transportation network is served by buses (A) – No. 67, 68 (weekdays only), and 98, facilitating convenient mobility for residents and visitors alike.

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