“Botunets” unfolds as a distinctive district in Sofia, nestled within the Kremikovtsi district. This neighborhood comprises two residential complexes: “Botunets 1” and “Botunets 2,” alongside houses that once belonged to the historic village of Botunets. The origins of “Botunets 1” can be traced back to the 1960s when it was strategically constructed in close proximity to the “Kremikovtsi” metallurgical plant. This development aimed to meet the housing requirements of individuals employed at the plant during that era. Subsequently, “Botunets 2” emerged in the 1980s, featuring residential blocks initially intended for the residential area known as “Metallurg” (nowadays referred to as the “Levski G” quarter). Presently, the quarter is home to a population of 6,818 individuals, as per the latest data from the GRAO (as of September 15, 2022), and the industrial complex has ceased to exist.

Geographically, “Botunets” is situated 16 km northeast of the city center of Sofia. Its proximity places it to the north of “Kremikovtsi” and slightly northeast of the town of Bukhovo. To the southeast lies the village of Gorni Bogrov, to the south is the village of Dolni Bogrov, and to the west stretches the quarter of “Chelopechene.” The central thoroughfare within the neighborhood is aptly named after Vasil Levski, a prominent historical figure in Bulgaria.

The district’s roots can be traced back to the former village of Botunets, which underwent a transformation into the Botunets district through Decree 120 of the State Council of the NRB on January 23, 1978. This decree coincided with the establishment of the “Kremikovtsi” district within the Metropolitan Municipality. The name “Botunets” draws inspiration from the historical region of Botunchitsa.

Religious diversity characterizes Botunets, with the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church at its center. The iconostasis of this church is a masterpiece crafted by the skilled hands of Debar artisans from the Philipov family. Additionally, the neighborhood hosts a Muslim ritual house and an associated cemetery located to the southwest.

Notably, “Botunets” embraces religious diversity with the presence of an Evangelical Pentecostal church named “Promyana.” Situated in “Botunets 2” at 12 “Musala” street, this church serves as a gathering place for Protestants within the neighborhood, even though it doesn’t have a traditional temple structure.

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