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Cherno Konche


Cherno Konche, situated in the Kremikovtsi district, emerges as a distinctive locality and a small neighborhood within the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, approximately 10.2 kilometers east of the city center. Positioned to the north of Chelopeshko road and in close proximity to the ring road, this residential area finds itself surrounded by expanses of land in all directions, primarily comprising agricultural territories not specifically designated within a particular district.

Nestled within this tranquil locale, Cherno Konche offers its residents a retreat from the urban hustle, as the surrounding agricultural lands contribute to a serene and picturesque environment. The strategic location near the ring road ensures accessibility to broader transportation networks, facilitating connections to Sofia’s city center and beyond.

While the neighborhood maintains a more secluded atmosphere due to its proximity to agricultural expanses, it benefits from the balance of suburban living and the convenience of being within reach of key transportation arteries. The unique positioning of Cherno Konche makes it an intriguing part of Sofia, blending natural surroundings with accessibility to urban amenities, providing a distinctive residential experience.

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