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Ovcha Kupel (residential complex)


The Ovcha Kupel residential complex, situated in the Ovcha Kupel district of Sofia, Bulgaria, emerges as a dynamic neighborhood approximately 5.9 kilometers west of the city center. Positioned south of the Sofia-Pernik railway line and east of the Ring Road, this residential enclave boasts a strategic location within the city.

Bordering the neighborhoods “Faculty” to the northeast, “Ovcha Kupel” to the southeast, and “Gorna Banya” to the southwest, the Ovcha Kupel residential complex is well-integrated into the fabric of Sofia’s urban landscape. To the north, it shares borders with territories not specifically designated as neighborhoods, showcasing the district’s versatile surroundings.

This residential complex encapsulates a blend of modern living and accessibility, benefitting from its proximity to key transportation routes and neighboring districts. The strategic placement south of the Sofia-Pernik railway line ensures efficient connectivity, while being east of the Ring Road contributes to the ease of travel within and beyond the neighborhood.

As Sofia continues to evolve, the Ovcha Kupel residential complex stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to creating diverse and well-connected living spaces. With its prime location and adjacency to other vibrant neighborhoods, this complex enriches the overall urban experience for its residents while contributing to the broader narrative of Sofia’s growth and development.

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