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Nadezhda I


Nadezhda I, situated 3.8 kilometers northwest of Sofia’s city center, is a dynamic neighborhood contributing to the vibrant character of the Bulgarian capital. Nestled within the Nadezhda district, this residential area plays a significant role in the city’s urban fabric.

Bounded by major thoroughfares such as “Lomsko Shosse” Boulevard, “Hristo Silyanov,” and “Khan Kubrat” streets, as well as the “Sofia-Dragoman” railway line, Nadezhda I enjoys strategic connectivity to key transportation networks. This accessibility enhances the neighborhood’s appeal and facilitates seamless movement within the city.

The neighborhood shares borders with Nadezhda III to the northwest, creating a sense of continuity within the district. To the northeast lie Nadezhda II and Leo Tolstoy, contributing to the diverse tapestry of residential offerings. To the south, Nadezhda I interfaces with Triagnalnika-Nadezhda, fostering connectivity and community engagement. In the southwest, the neighborhood adjoins Modern Suburb, emphasizing the interplay between residential and industrial zones in this part of Sofia.

Nadezhda I’s strategic location places residents within easy reach of the city center and key amenities. The well-defined borders and proximity to major roadways and public transport nodes make this neighborhood a convenient and desirable place to call home. As Sofia continues to evolve, Nadezhda I stands as a testament to the dynamic urban landscape of Bulgaria’s capital.

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