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Nadezhda II


Nadezhda II, located 3.9 kilometers north of Sofia’s city center within the Nadezhda district, is a residential enclave that significantly contributes to the city’s urban landscape. This neighborhood is characterized by its strategic position, public infrastructure, and vibrant community life.

Bounded by major arteries like Lomsko Shosse Boulevard and streets such as Hristo Silyanov, General Nikola Zhekov, Republic, and Strazhitsa, Nadezhda II enjoys well-defined borders that shape its distinct identity. To the north, the neighborhood interfaces with Nadezhda IV and Svoboda districts, fostering connections with adjacent communities. Leo Tolstoy lies to the southeast, providing a diverse residential mix, while Nadezhda I is its neighbor to the southwest, creating a sense of continuity within the district.

Public infrastructure plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life in Nadezhda II. The 15th secondary school, named “Adam Mickiewicz,” serves as an educational hub, nurturing the academic growth of the neighborhood’s youth. Chitalishte “Saznanie” provides a cultural focal point, offering spaces for community gatherings, discussions, and artistic endeavors. Additionally, the church “Holy Spirit” stands as a spiritual center, contributing to the cultural and religious fabric of the neighborhood.

Residents of Nadezhda II benefit from the convergence of residential, educational, and cultural amenities. The neighborhood’s strategic location, with convenient access to the city center, makes it an attractive place to live. As Sofia continues to evolve, Nadezhda II remains an integral part of the city’s dynamic urban narrative.

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