“Svoboda”, positioned as one of the northern districts of Sofia, is a vibrant neighborhood that offers a blend of residential living, educational opportunities, and efficient transportation networks. Surrounded by key points such as the North Park to the north and west, Stock Bazaar Iliantsi to the northeast, SK Lokomotiv 1929 to the east, and the railway station Nadezhda 2 and z.k. Nadezhda-4 to the south, Svoboda reflects a well-connected and community-centric environment.

Residential Landscape:
The Svoboda quarter boasts 47 large-panel residential buildings of the Bs-2-63 series, creating a substantial living space for approximately 15,000 residents. The architectural layout contributes to a cohesive and organized community setting.

Education plays a pivotal role in Svoboda, with institutions like 141 OU Narodni Buditeli and 153 PG “Neophyte Rilski” contributing to the intellectual development of the community. The neighborhood school, 141 OU Narodni Buditeli, has a rich history, originally hosting two schools during the communist era – the 88th and the 141st. Over time, it evolved into a primary school with a focus on fostering a conducive learning environment. Meanwhile, 153 PG “Neofit Rilski,” established in 1991, stands out as the first high school in the area, offering education from grades 7 to 12. Prioritizing sports profiles, technological profiles such as “Tourism” and “Entrepreneurship and Business,” and evening studies, this high school serves as an educational hub within Svoboda.

Efficient urban transport links enhance connectivity within Svoboda. Bus 86 serves the neighborhood with a route that encompasses key stops, including railway station Svoboda, St. 436, Narodni Buditeli St., and General Nikola Zhekov Blvd. The transportation network extends further with connections to various destinations, including ZBN Benax, Hladilnika district, railway station Krasno selo, gh.k. Krasna Polyana, Konstantin Velichkov Blvd., and more. Notable bus lines like 83, 85, and 108 provide additional options for residents, ensuring seamless travel within Sofia.

Key transport hubs include the “MK Agresia” stop, facilitating connections with tram transport (lines 11 and 12) and trolleybus transport (lines 1 and 5). Further, the neighborhood benefits from connections to major boulevards such as Maria Luiza Blvd. and Slivnitsa Blvd., providing access to central stations, Lyulin, Mladost, Ovcha Kupel, Druzhba, and beyond. The comprehensive transportation infrastructure caters to the diverse travel needs of Svoboda residents, facilitating ease of movement within the neighborhood and broader metropolitan areas.

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