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Nadezhda III


Nadezhda III, nestled 4.5 kilometers northwest of Sofia’s city center, is a residential gem within the Nadezhda district, extending its reach into the Vrabnitsa district. This vibrant quarter is characterized by its strategic location, well-defined borders, and a mix of public infrastructure that caters to the diverse needs of its residents.

Bounded by major thoroughfares such as Lomsko Shose Boulevard and streets like Hristo Silyanov, Vladimir Zograf, and Beli Dunav, Nadezhda III enjoys clear demarcations that contribute to its distinct character. The Sofia-Dragoman railway line forms a natural boundary, while the neighborhood shares borders with Nadezhda IV to the northeast, Nadezhda I to the southeast, Modern Predgradie to the southwest, and Vrabnitsa-1 to the northwest. These connections create a dynamic tapestry within the district, fostering interactions between adjacent communities.

The public infrastructure in Nadezhda III is a key element in shaping the neighborhood’s identity. The presence of the 153rd profiled high school, named “Neofit Rilski,” adds an educational focal point to the area. This institution plays a crucial role in nurturing the academic growth of the neighborhood’s youth, contributing to the overall intellectual and cultural vibrancy of Nadezhda III.

Residents of Nadezhda III enjoy the benefits of living in a strategically positioned neighborhood with access to essential amenities and educational facilities. The quarter’s dynamic landscape, combined with its proximity to the city center, makes it an attractive residential choice in Sofia’s evolving urban tapestry.

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