The “Obelya 2” residential complex, positioned within the Vrabnitsa district of Sofia, Bulgaria, is a thriving neighborhood situated approximately 6.5 kilometers northwest of the city center. Bounded by the boulevards “Pancho Vladigerov” and “Lomsko shose” and the railway line “Voluyak – Ilientsi,” Obelya 2 enjoys a strategic location, enhancing its connectivity within the broader urban landscape.

Surrounded by the neighborhoods “Obelya” and “Obelya 1” to the southwest, as well as territories beyond specific districts in other directions, Obelya 2 contributes to the diverse tapestry of Sofia’s residential offerings.

The architectural character of Obelya 2 is marked by a blend of panel blocks from the Bs-69-Sf-UD-83 series, featuring storeys ranging from 3 to 9 floors, and higher EPK blocks boasting heights of up to 16 floors. Remarkably, these residential structures have maintained their condition, evading depreciation commonly observed in similar complexes constructed 40-50 years ago. However, green spaces between the blocks are limited, emphasizing the district’s focus on compact urban living. The total territory spans 76.93 hectares, accommodating a population of approximately 12 thousand people, according to expert data from the GRAO Directorate.

Obelya 2 stands as an educational and cultural hub, housing institutions such as the 140 “Ivan Bogorov” secondary schools, “Druzhba” ChPG, 82 “Dzhani Rodari” ODZ, and community centers like “Zornitsa” and “Simona 2002.” Additionally, the 30th Diagnostic and Advisory Center serves the healthcare needs of the community.

Enhancing its accessibility, the “Obelya” metro station, operational since April 20, 2003, and tram line No. 6 provide efficient public transportation options. Bus lines servicing the “Obelya 2” railway station include No. 26, 30, 31, 81, and 150, contributing to the district’s well-connected infrastructure.

The commercial landscape of Obelya 2 is enriched by supermarkets like “Billa” and “Pepko,” providing residents with convenient shopping options. Furthermore, the opening of a Lidl store on December 17, 2019, at 2 Obelya, Lomsko Shosse Blvd, adds to the retail diversity within the neighborhood, catering to the varied needs of its residents.

In essence, Obelya 2 exemplifies the symbiosis of urban living, cultural richness, and commercial convenience, reflecting the broader evolution of Sofia as a city that embraces both tradition and modernity. The district’s commitment to maintaining its infrastructure and enhancing connectivity positions it as a vibrant and integral part of Sofia’s residential landscape.

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