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“Vrabnitsa-2”, positioned in Northwestern Sofia within the district of Vrabnitsa, stands as a notable residential complex contributing to the diverse urban landscape of the city. This neighborhood is strategically situated, lying to the northeast of the “Vrabnitsa-1” housing complex and Lomsko Shose Blvd., southeast of “Obelya-2” housing complex, northwest of “Nadezhda-4” housing complex, and west of Severnia Park and the “Svoboda” housing complex.

As of October 23, 2003, the estimated population of “Vrabnitsa-2” reached approximately 6,900 residents. The architectural fabric of the complex is characterized by multi-family residential buildings, with large-panel structures primarily belonging to the Bs-69-Sf series and EPK type. This variety in housing infrastructure caters to the diverse preferences and needs of the residents.

Ensuring the well-being of the community, residents of “Vrabnitsa-2” have access to the XXIV Diagnostic and Consultative Center, also known as the 24th Polyclinic. This healthcare facility plays a crucial role in providing medical services and consultations to the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

Transportation links are well-established, with the neighborhood being served by route line 8, bus lines 26, 85, 108, and 285, as well as tram line 6. The presence of multiple public transport options enhances the connectivity of the residents, facilitating easy travel within the neighborhood and connections to broader parts of Sofia.

Furthermore, “Vrabnitsa-2” enjoys accessibility to the Beli Dunav metro station and Lomsko shosse metro station, both part of the second metro diameter of the Sofia Metro. This integration with the metro system adds an extra layer of convenience for residents, connecting them to key destinations in the city.

With its residential comfort, healthcare provisions, and well-connected transportation options, “Vrabnitsa-2” contributes to the vibrancy and livability of Sofia’s diverse neighborhoods.

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