Location and Historical Background:
Seslavtsi is a district situated in the “Kremikovtsi” area of the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. It carries a significant historical legacy, having functioned as an independent district until 1978 when it became part of the city. This transition from an autonomous entity to a district within Sofia reflects the dynamic growth and expansion of the city over the years.

Transportation Connectivity:
The district is served by a regular bus line, specifically Line 117, provided by the Sofia Center for Urban Mobility. This transportation link enhances connectivity for residents and visitors, facilitating travel within the district and its connection to other parts of Sofia.

Religious and Cultural Landmarks:
Seslavtsi boasts notable religious and cultural landmarks that add to the area’s unique identity. The Seslav Monastery “St. Nicholas” (“St. Nicholas of Mirliki”) is a prominent site located two kilometers north of the neighborhood. This monastery holds cultural and historical significance, contributing to the rich heritage of Seslavtsi.

Church “St. Georgi”:
1. Historical Significance: The Church “St. Georgi,” positioned at the upper end of the village and marking the beginning of the road to the monastery “St. Nicholas,” carries historical significance. Constructed in the 15th-16th centuries, the church has witnessed the passage of time, undergoing various stages of preservation and partial destruction.

2. Architectural Features: The church exhibits distinct architectural features, with preserved eastern and western walls of the nave. Over time, modifications such as the addition of a large vestibule and the demolition of a wall separating the nave from the altar space have shaped its structure.

3. Current Usage: Despite its historical past, the Church “St. Georgi” continues to serve its religious purpose, hosting services for the community.

New Church “St. Georgi”:
In close proximity to the old church, a new church dedicated to “St. Georgi” was constructed at the end of the 20th century. This addition reflects the ongoing religious and cultural practices within Seslavtsi, combining the preservation of heritage with contemporary developments.

Seslavtsi stands as a district where historical roots and cultural landmarks coexist with modern dynamics, creating a unique tapestry within the broader city of Sofia. The presence of religious sites like the Seslav Monastery and the historic Church “St. Georgi” contributes to the district’s allure, inviting exploration and appreciation of its heritage.

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