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Boyana (district of Sofia)


Boyana is a distinctive district of Sofia, situated in the Vitosha district of the Capital Municipality, just 7 km south of the city center, commanding an elevated position above the Sofia field.

Delving into its historical roots, Boyana boasts remnants of a fortress, with possible indications of a tower above Momina Skala. Further ruins of significant structures were discovered southwest of the renowned Boyana Church, extending to the level of Tsareva livada (formerly known as Tsarevo padalo).

During the era of the Second Bulgarian State, Boyana housed the out-of-town residence of Sebastocrator Kaloyan, and part of this complex included the iconic Boyana Church. In 1938, with the establishment of the Greater City Municipality of Sofia, Boyana was incorporated, shedding its village status only in 1961. Today, Boyana stands as a prestigious locality where the President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, and Speaker of the National Assembly reside.

Direct access to the city center is facilitated by the “Bulgaria” boulevard, providing convenient connectivity for Boyana’s residents.

In the realm of landmarks, Boyana boasts the renowned Boyana Church “St. St. Nicholas and Panteleimon,” a testament to Bulgaria’s rich cultural heritage. The National History Museum and the Boyanski waterfall on the Boyana River, just 5 km from Boyana’s center, add to the area’s allure as popular destinations for both residents and visitors.

The Boyan pass from Kopitoto, stretching to the southern slope of Vitosha, is a recreational haven offering numerous hotels, lodges, slopes, and restaurants, attracting outdoor enthusiasts.

Furthermore, Boyana is home to the Boyana Hydroelectric Power Plant, one of Bulgaria’s oldest operating power facilities.

Addressing social care, Boyana hosts institutions like the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinic, a leading specialized educational facility with a rich history dating back to the 1950s. Additionally, the Saint Virgin Mary Licensed Home for the Aged and Special Kindergarten No. 112 for children with multiple disorders of mental development contribute to the comprehensive social infrastructure of Boyana.

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