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Vasil Levski (district of Sofia)


Levski quarter, the oldest segment of the Vasil Levski quarter within the Poduyane district, boasts a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. Nestled in the northeastern parts of Sofia, its western boundary aligns with the gh.k. “Dry River,” while “Botevgradsko Shose” Blvd. defines its southern edge. While some maps extend its reach south of the road, categorizing it as part of Levski quarter, others designate this area as belonging to the “Poduyane” quarter.

Named in honor of the Bulgarian revolutionary and national hero Vasil Levski, the quarter’s proximity to the sports base of PFK Levski underscores its cultural significance.

Architecturally, the Levski quarter unfolds in three distinct parts—Levski B, Levski G, and Levski-stara quarter—separated by Vladimir Vazov Boulevard. The original Levski quarter features quaint brick single-family houses constructed before 1989. Meanwhile, zones B and G showcase the incorporation of panel blocks, specifically the latest modifications of the Bs-69-Sf series, built during the latter half of the 80s and the early 90s.

Levski G, part of the complex, shares borders with Levski-V to the north, with Levski-G situated as the northernmost residential area. An interesting historical note points to the existence of two other areas—Levski-A and Levski-B—mentioned in a 2008 ordinance by the SOS. However, city maps consistently depict these boundaries as belonging to Levski-B. It’s hypothesized that, for reasons unknown, the A and B areas merged into Levski-B at some point.

Within the Levski G district, notable landmarks and institutions include the Church of Saint John the Theologian, 199 OU “St. John the Apostle” in block 14, Domko furniture store, and Bila grocery store. In the older section of Levski quarter, significant establishments include the first private kindergarten and elementary school “St. St. Constantine and Elena” at 46 Bessarabia St, 130 “Stefan Karadzha” secondary school at 118 “Konstantin Fotinov” str., and the post office “Levski G” in block 2B, GM City M1. Additionally, there’s a branch of DKC 18 in block 9A sq. Levski V. This blend of historical charm and modern amenities underscores Levski quarter’s significance in Sofia’s landscape.

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