The residential complex “Slavia”, situated in the southwest regions of Sofia, shares its borders with the “Lagera” residential complex to the northeast and the “Red Village” residential complex to the south. Its eastern boundary aligns with Tsar Boris III Blvd., while the southwest is adjacent to a park that extends towards Ovcha Kupel Blvd. and encompasses the iconic Slavia Stadium. In the northeast, the neighborhood is delineated by Zhitnitsa St.

Being one of Sofia’s older neighborhoods, “Slavia” exudes a distinctive character with low brick constructions dating back to the 1960s and monolithic structures from the 1980s. The meticulously maintained inter-block spaces boast abundant greenery, and all residential cooperatives in the area are equipped with heating systems.

“Tsar Boris III” Blvd. serves as the primary transport artery traversing the complex. Along this boulevard, numerous residential blocks are situated, with only one being a panel block, showcasing the architectural diversity of the neighborhood.

Within the “Slavia” district, 132 “Vanya Voinova” Secondary School is located at 128 “Tsar Boris III” Blvd., offering educational facilities. Additionally, a sizable kindergarten can be found on “Haidushka Polyana” St. To the north of the complex, notable landmarks include the garage of the city transport “Zemlyane,” the equestrian sports base “Khan Asparuh,” and the indoor sports complex “Slavia.” The VI police station and the extensive “Krasno Selo” market add to the amenities available near the “Slavia” district.

The municipal building of “Krasno Selo” is situated at 124 “Tsar Boris III” Blvd., adjacent to Zhitnitsa street, serving as a hub for local administrative activities in the region.

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