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Suhata Reka


Suhata Reka, originally named “Suha Reka,” stands as a prominent residential area in the city of Sofia, offering a variety of educational institutions, sports facilities, and convenient transportation options. This dynamic neighborhood is home to several schools, including the 44th Secondary School “Neofit Bozveli,” the 49th Primary School “Benito Juarez,” the 143rd Primary School “Georgi Benkovski,” and the 166th Sports School “Vasil Levski.” Additionally, the well-known Georgi Asparuhov Stadium is a notable landmark within the area.

Location-wise, Suhata Reka is situated northeast of the city center, sharing borders with the “Hadji Dimitar” residential area to the west and northwest. To the east, it is delineated by Botevgradsko Shose Blvd. and the Levski district, while to the north, it extends to “Levski V.” The neighborhood is positioned in the Poduyane region, characterized by panel blocks and an EPK (large-panel construction) with 2 elevators. Its southern boundary connects with the Reduta district.

Transportation infrastructure plays a crucial role in linking Suhata Reka with the city center. The primary connections include:

1. Trolleybus Lines: 1, 2, 3, 4
2. Tram Lines: 22
3. Bus Lines: 78, 79, 90, 100, 120
4. Route Lines: 17, 18, 28, 34, 39, 49
5. Metro Lines: Served by the Third metro diameter of the Sofia Metro.

These transportation options ensure easy accessibility and connectivity, facilitating the movement of residents to and from the heart of Sofia.

Overall, Suhata Reka stands out not only for its educational and sports facilities but also for its strategic location and efficient transportation network, making it a well-integrated and livable residential complex in the vibrant city of Sofia.

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