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Razsadnik-Konyovitsa, formerly known as “The Nursery” until 2009, stands as a prominent residential complex in the western part of Sofia, nestled within the “Krasna Polyana” district, a segment of Sofia Municipality. Boasting a strategic location, the neighborhood is just 10-15 minutes away from the city center by public transport, showcasing a well-laid-out design with ample green spaces and excellent connectivity.

The complex is demarcated by key landmarks: to the north, it borders Al. Blvd. Stamboliyski and the gh.k. Ilinden; to the east, it shares boundaries with “Konstantin Velichkov” boulevard, featuring the Zona B-19 railway station; to the south, it connects with the railway station Serdika and “Vazkresenie” Blvd. (the villa area at “Krasna Polyana” residential complex 3); and to the west, it aligns with “Vardar” Blvd., marking the presence of the Krasna Polyana 1 residential complex.

Diverse architectural elements characterize Razsadnik-Konyovitsa, ranging from older panel blocks of the Bs-2-63 (united) series to brick buildings, newer panel structures of the Bs-69-Sf-UD series, EPK-type blocks, and modern brick cooperatives built in the last decade. This diversity contributes to the neighborhood’s architectural tapestry. Notably, the complex is recognized as one of the greenest neighborhoods in the capital, featuring the park “St. St. Peter and Paul” and a church by the same name in its southeastern part.

Key institutions within Razsadnik-Konyovitsa include the First AG “St. Sofia” (Specialized Hospital for Active Treatment, formerly known as “Tina Kirkova”) and the 57th Secondary School. The surrounding boulevards are well-maintained, with improved road surfaces and upgraded underground water and heating communications.

Residents benefit from an efficient transportation network, with access to trams No. 8, 10, 11, and 22, as well as buses No. 11, 45, 56, 60, 72, 77, and 83. The proximity of the “Konstantin Velichkov” and “Vardar” metro stations further enhances connectivity. Notably, historical tram lines like 4, 21, 15, and 19, along with buses like 82, 283, and 383, have played a role in the neighborhood’s past transportation landscape.

A historical element is the presence of a former railway line along Vardar Blvd, once serving freight trains from the Zaharna Fabrika station to the Zemlyan thermal power plant. However, after a severe railway accident in 1986, the tracks were discontinued and remain partially dismantled.

In 2009, the complex underwent a name change, aligning with the boundaries of the Konyovitsa district, becoming “Zh.k. Nursery-Konyovitsa.” This transformation represents the evolving nature of Sofia’s neighborhoods, blending historical roots with contemporary developments. Razsadnik-Konyovitsa, with its rich history and modern amenities, remains a vital part of Sofia’s urban mosaic.

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