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Military Ramp


Military Ramp, situated in the industrial heart of Sofia, Bulgaria, stands as a testament to the city’s industrial prowess. Located within the Serdika and Nadezhda districts, this vibrant industrial area is positioned just 3.6 kilometers north of the city center.

Bordered by the Lev Tolstoy and Svoboda neighborhoods, along with the expansive Northern Park to the west, Military Ramp exudes an industrious energy that defines its character. To the north, it extends its reach, bordered by the Iliyantsi industrial zone and the Benkovski district. On the eastern frontier lies the Orlandovtsi district, while to the south, Military Ramp is delineated by the solemn grounds of the Central Sofia Cemetery and the industrial zone surrounding the Central Station.

This strategically located industrial hub plays a crucial role in supporting the economic activities of Sofia. The Lev Tolstoy and Svoboda neighborhoods to the west provide a residential backdrop to the industrial endeavors, creating a symbiotic relationship between the workforce and the local community.

The proximity to the Iliyantsi industrial zone and Benkovski district in the north further enhances the area’s significance in the city’s economic landscape. Industries and businesses thrive in this bustling district, contributing to Sofia’s overall growth and development.

As the city continues to evolve, Military Ramp remains a vital component of Sofia’s industrial infrastructure. Its strategic location and well-defined borders showcase its integral role in the city’s economic tapestry, making it a noteworthy area for both residents and businesses alike.

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