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Lev Tolstoy (District)


“Lev Tolstoy” is a residential complex located in the northern part of Sofia. It is situated south of the transport hub connecting the center of the capital and the northern industrial zone, bordered to the west by the “Nadezhda-2” housing complex, to the north by the “Svoboda” housing complex, and to the east by “Rozhen” Blvd.

The complex is in close proximity to the northern industrial zone of the capital, separated only by “Rozhen” Blvd. The construction of the “Tolstoy” housing complex began over 50 years ago, and there is ample greenery between the blocks, contributing to noise reduction. However, some underground infrastructure in the complex is old, leading to occasional accidents, particularly in winter.

While newer blocks have better sewerage and electricity infrastructure, the inner-quarter streets in the “Tolstoy” housing complex, like many suburban areas, suffer from potholes. One major drawback is the narrowness of many inner streets, especially around the older half-century-old timbered blocks in the eastern part of the complex.

The neighborhood is served by trams 11, 12, and 19, as well as buses 83, 85, 86, and 108. The “Tolstoy” housing complex exhibits a variety of blocks. In the northeastern part, there are two-story timbered blocks over half a century old, originally owned by the “Osmi Mart” plant. The first panel blocks in Bulgaria, built in the late 1950s, are found in this complex. Newer constructions include high-rise EPK blocks opposite the “Osmi Mart” plant and eight-story panel blocks built in 1978 along “Republika” Blvd. Some small houses with or without courtyards have also been preserved in the complex, not replaced by the later block buildings.

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