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Scientific and Industrial Zone “Sredets”


The Scientific and Industrial Zone “Sredets” stands as a distinctive district within the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, situated in the Krasno Selo district to the west of the city center. This strategically located zone plays a pivotal role in contributing to Sofia’s scientific and industrial landscape.

Bounded by “Nikola Mushanov” Boulevard and flanked by “Zhytnitsa” and “Kostenets” streets, the Scientific and Industrial Zone “Sredets” shares borders with several neighborhoods. To the northeast lie the “Krasna Polyana 3” and “Serdika” neighborhoods, while the southeast is connected to “Lagera.” On the southwest, it extends towards “Slavia” and “Ovcha Kupel,” and to the northwest, it borders “Faculty” and “Krasna Polyana 2.”

Noteworthy establishments within this zone include the “Zemlyane” heating plant, which plays a crucial role in meeting the heating needs of the surrounding areas. Additionally, the tram depot of the Center for Urban Mobility is situated here, contributing to the efficient public transportation network that serves the city.

The Scientific and Industrial Zone “Sredets” serves as a dynamic hub, fostering scientific research, innovation, and industrial activities. Its strategic location, coupled with the presence of key facilities, ensures that it plays a vital role in the economic and infrastructural development of Sofia.

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