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Slatina Warehouse and Production Zone


The Slatina Warehouse and Production Zone stands as a prominent industrial hub within the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, positioned 5.8 kilometers to the east of the city center. Its strategic location, north of Assen Yordanov Boulevard, establishes connections with various neighborhoods and industrial zones, contributing significantly to Sofia’s economic landscape.

The northern boundary of the Slatina Warehouse and Production Zone aligns with the Hristo Botev and Aerogarata neighborhoods. To the east, it shares borders with the Iskar industrial zone, while to the south, it extends towards Druzhba and Kuro. On the western side, the zone adjoins the Hristo Smirnenski neighborhood, completing its geographical context.

This industrial zone plays a pivotal role in fostering economic activities, facilitating the production and storage needs of businesses in Sofia. Its strategic positioning ensures convenient access to transportation networks, supporting the seamless flow of goods and materials. The symbiotic relationship with surrounding neighborhoods and industrial zones creates a dynamic economic ecosystem, contributing to the overall development and vitality of the city.

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