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Geo Milev District


“Geo Milev” is an established neighborhood situated within Sofia’s “Slatina” district, named in honor of the Bulgarian poet and publicist Geo Milev.

Located approximately 3 kilometers from the city center, the neighborhood enjoys connectivity via the boulevards “Tsarigradsko shose” and “Shipchenski prohod,” which intersect with “Tsar Ivan Asen II” street. Its boundaries encompass the districts of Reduta, Slatina, Iztok, and zh.k. “Yavorov.” To the west lies “Sitnyakovo” boulevard, while “Kosta Lulchev” and “Hristo Chernopeev” streets define its eastern limits. “Geo Milev” park marks the northern boundary, while “Tsarigradsko shose” boulevard delineates the southern perimeter.

Characterized by a mix of older brick buildings and contemporary constructions, the neighborhood boasts several notable landmarks. These include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building, the “Universiade” hall, Glavproekt, the church “St. Trinity,” Geo Milev Park, Sitniakovo Market, Saint Mina Chapel, and various diplomatic missions such as the Romanian, Indian, Israeli, Montenegrin, and Bosnian embassies. Additionally, “Geo Milev” features a vibrant culinary scene with numerous restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, bars, and patisseries, alongside ample green spaces for leisure and recreation.

The historical richness of Geo Milev is exemplified by the remnants of the Slatina Neolithic settlement, an early archaeological site covering around 80 acres. The neighborhood’s development commenced in the 1930s, particularly around the emerging “Knyaz Kiril Preslavski” Blvd. (now “Geo Milev” St.). Initially positioned east of the “Tsaritsa Joanna” quarter (now “Iztok” quarter) and “Tsarigradsko shosse,” the district gradually expanded towards the former village (now district) Slatina, situated along the Slatinska Reka.

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs building
– “Universiade” hall
– Glavproekt
– Church “St. Trinity”
– Geo Milev Park
– Sitniakovo Market
– Saint Mina Chapel
– Embassies: Romanian, Indian, Israeli, Montenegrin, Bosnian, etc.

Development and Property:
Geo Milev is recognized as one of the fastest-growing modern neighborhoods in Sofia. The district’s property prices and rental rates are among the highest in the city, reflecting its popularity and status as a desirable residential and commercial hub. The continuous development and vibrant urban life make Geo Milev a dynamic and sought-after area in Sofia.

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