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West Park (neighbourhood)


“Zapaden Park,” formerly known as “Hristo Mihailov,” stands as a vibrant district within the city of Sofia, boasting a rich green landscape that has earned it a reputation as one of the most verdant areas in the city. Named after the adjacent West Park, the district is traversed by prominent boulevards such as Alexander Stamboliyski, Vardar, and Todor Aleksandrov.

One of the noteworthy features enhancing the connectivity of “Zapaden Park” is the First Metrodiameter of Sofia’s metro system, which runs beneath the aforementioned boulevards. This metro connection serves as a swift and high-quality link, facilitating easy access to the city center and various other parts of Sofia, further contributing to the neighborhood’s appeal.

In terms of architecture, “Zapaden Park” showcases a mix of residential structures, including well-maintained four-story brick cooperatives with two or three entrances, many of which feature charming courtyards. Constructed from the early 1950s to the mid-1960s, these cooperatives remain in good condition, providing a glimpse into the architectural history of the neighborhood. While there are a few panel blocks from the 1970s, the prevalence of such structures is limited, with only a handful of EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) blocks present.

The district hosts essential public institutions and educational facilities, including a post office, the 17th Secondary School, and the 135th Secondary School, which also houses the Sofia High School of Bakery and Confectionery Technologies.

For efficient transportation, “Zapaden Park” benefits from a well-connected network of public transit options. The metro station “Vardar” (serving lines M1 and M4), along with bus lines 45, 56, 72, and 77, and tram lines 8 and 10, ensure residents have convenient access to various parts of the city. It’s worth noting that tram 21 used to pass through the neighborhood from 1987 to 1995, adding a historical touch to its public transportation network.

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