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Zona B-5-3


Zona B-5-3, a residential complex in Sofia, contributes to the urban fabric of the Vazrazhdane area, strategically positioned between Alexander Stamboliyski and General Mihail D. Skobelev boulevards, Dobrudzhanski krai street, and Vazrazhdane square. Its western border connects with the “Zona B-5” district, creating a dynamic intersection within the broader expanse of the city center.

Nestled within the Vazrazhdane area, Zona B-5-3 is centrally located, providing convenient access to key thoroughfares such as Alexander Stamboliyski and General Mihail D. Skobelev boulevards. Its boundaries include Dobrudzhanski krai street and Vazrazhdane square, creating a well-defined space that connects seamlessly with the surrounding urban landscape. To the west, it interfaces with the established “Zona B-5” district, fostering continuity in the local urban tapestry.

This strategic positioning places Zona B-5-3 at the crossroads of dynamic urban elements, ensuring residents have easy access to amenities, services, and connectivity to the broader city center.

The unique blend of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces in Zona B-5-3 contributes to its role as a vibrant residential complex within Sofia’s urban mosaic.

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