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Hall “Hristo Botev”


The “Hristo Botev” Hall is a multifunctional facility located in the Studentski Grad area of Sofia. Here are some key features of the hall:

1. Location: Situated in the Studentski Grad area, the hall serves as a venue for various events and activities.

2. Functionality: The hall is designed to host a variety of events, including sports events, concerts, exhibitions, and meetings. Its multifunctional nature makes it suitable for diverse purposes.

3. Size: The total area of the hall is 5450 square meters, providing ample space for different types of events.

4. Seating Capacity: The hall accommodates up to 1500 seats, making it suitable for medium to large-sized audiences.

5. Versatility: Given its multifunctional design, the hall can adapt to different event requirements, offering flexibility for organizers and participants.

6. Regular Events: The hall is likely to host regular sports events, concerts, exhibitions, and meetings, contributing to the cultural and entertainment scene in Sofia.

The presence of such multifunctional venues in the Studentski Grad area enhances the city’s infrastructure for hosting a wide range of events, providing both residents and visitors with opportunities to engage in diverse cultural and recreational activities.

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